I placed my order online.  What happens now?

Your order is reviewed and processed for fulfillment manually.  We try to locate the nearest warehouse with the best available quantities to increase the chances of a quick delivery.  Sometimes we have to respond to questions that come through on orders.  Those tasks (and more) must happen during normal business hours.  When an online order is placed outside of normal business hours, it will be processed by 10:00 am EST the following business day.  Saturday or Sunday online shoppers should not expect any action on their order until the following Monday morning.  We also observe the usual US holiday schedule.  You are encouraged to place your online orders over the holidays; however, we will not process them until the next business day.


Do you have a catalog?

We feature all of our products on our website.  We find that we can keep the website updated more quickly and efficiently than we could a physical catalog.


How do I choose the correct finish, size, or style for my hardware?

Check out our helpful guide in our blog.


I am looking for a Nickel finish but there are so many names for them. How do I choose?

Satin nickel, brushed nickel, brushed satin nickel are all names that manufacturer's have given this finish. For the most part, they will all be very close in finish.


Can I get a sample of an item?

Absolutely!  Samples can be the best way to help decide on a certain style or finish.  Check out our sample program.


Can I get longer screws with my order?

In most cases, you can!  Please let us know at the time of your order that you need longer screws, and we will have them shipped with your order.  You can also check with your local hardware store if you need very long screws or more screws.


Can I get my order expedited?

You sure can!  Depending on the ordered items, expedited shipping can become costly – in some instances costing more that the ordered items!  But if you think you need the items that quickly, we will need to contact the supplier’s warehouse to obtain the expedited shipping quotes and to verify available stock.  Most orders must be placed by 10:00 am EST in order to have a chance of shipping the same day as the order.  Our experience has been that expedited shipping is usually not worth the additional cost.


Can I return my items if they are not what I was expecting?

Absolutely.  Please see the Returns section.


Now that I have my hardware, how do I maintain it?

A very mild soap and water is all you need to use to keep your hardware looking great for years to come.  Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your hardware when cleaning as they can damage the surface and the finish which will void the warranty. 


Trying to find the right hinge?

Hinges can be very tricky.  Manufacturers have been known to modify their hinges over time by changing the screw patterns or changing thicknesses.  This makes it very difficult – if not impossible - to find the perfect match.  If you are unsure what size, style, or model hinge to choose from, we do recommend that you contact a local contractor or cabinet maker to have them assist you with the selection of your hinges.