Customer Transformation: A new kitchen!

Customer Transformation: A new kitchen!

We recently worked with a customer that was renovating and updating his kitchen. This home was originally built in the 1970’s and the house had not seen any changes or updates over the years by the original owner. Now that the house is in the hands of a new owner, let the renovations begin!

One of the main areas that they wanted to update was the kitchen. To transform this room, they added all new cabinetry some with pretty glass fronts. Along with the new cabinets comes our favorite part: new hardware! They chose the Notting Hill Leafy Branch and Leafy Twig pieces in their hand-tinted antique brass finish. These stunning cabinet knobs and pulls are from the Woodland collection. These showstoppers are hand painted, and the colors and details are spectacular. Check out all the pictures they chose to share with us.

It was such a pleasure working with them and getting to see the finished product. We wish them many happy years in their new kitchen!

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Dec 14th 2023 Tracey

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