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Check out the 2019 hardware finish trends!

Check out the 2019 hardware finish trends!

Black is back! Black hardware is making a real statement this year. Not only is black an "in the moment" hardware finish but so are gold (honey and brushed bronze and brass, too) and grey finishes. When we say gold, this is not the shiny 1980's and 90's brass finish; this is the new and modern gold we are talking about. See our post on pairing Navy and gold for some great ideas! 

Take a look at the Black hardware we carry here!

Check out the brass, bronze, and gold hardware we carry here.

Click here to view the grey hardware we carry.

See something that you like in the images above? Let us help you find them. You can contact us here and we will do the legwork of finding the item(s) and collections that you like.

Apr 11th 2019 Tracey

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