Why the Polished Chrome finish deserves a second chance

Why the Polished Chrome finish deserves a second chance

Polished chrome finishes are back! They actually never really went away, but satin nickel finishes really took over for a bit. While nickel finishes are still really popular, chrome is making a new statement by bringing a clean and modern look to your cabinet hardware. Polished chrome finishes are shiny and bright. They do not have the same yellow undertones that nickel finishes have, and chrome can coordinate with almost any other metal finish. We've seen tons of mixed metals starting to pop up, and polished chrome makes mixing metals in your home a breeze. Think about matte black with polished chrome... so great together! Polished chrome can coordinate with most paint colors too. Adding a pop of the shiny chrome finish can take your cabinets from nice to wow! Read on to see what our picks are for polished chrome hardware.

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As always, if you would like any assistance making choices or finding other sizes and finishes please feel free to reach out. We'd love to help!

Feb 11th 2021 Tracey

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